Wildwood House Procurement Division Is Acquired by Source

Source, a digital platform that connects architects, designers, contractors, and manufacturers in commercial construction from product discovery to procurement and delivery, announced today the acquisition of Wildwood House’s procurement division.

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Your partner in procuring your office and home projects.

We understand design.

We understand the work that goes into crafting a harmonious furniture package. We offer alternates only when necessary to balance the budget or meet the schedule. We are in this together.

Your budget is important.

We are able to work within a wide range of budgets, and are happy to leverage our
extensive product knowledge to find alternatives that meet the aesthetic and budgetary
needs of your project.

We are organized, and transparent.

We leverage leading industry tools to present, procure, track and schedule your furniture and furnishings projects. We are in constant communication with our teams and address issues quickly.

There until the last piece.

Our delivery partners are trained experts in taking great care of your furniture and furnishings from the moment they arrive at the warehouse to the moment they are placed in your space.

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